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We crafted a series of topics specifically to help new customers, like you, get started and get the most out of DocuSign. Explore the topics below in order or jump to any topic that interests you. Share this with your teammates and you'll all be DocuSigning in no time.


Getting your first DocuSign signature

The fastest way to learn is by doing. Let us guide you through getting your first signature and we'll send you some cool DocuSign SWAG as a reward!

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Managing and correcting your envelopes

We're all human and sometimes make mistakes. That's ok! Here we'll show you how to easily correct mistakes and stay on top of all your envelopes.

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Getting quick answers with DocuSign Support

Ask and you shall receive! The DocuSign Support Center and Community are great places to find answers and exchange ideas with seasoned power users.

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Adding new users and managing your account

There will be many opportunities for others in your organization to use DocuSign. Here you'll find a couple of handy videos to help you manage your account and add new users.

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Customizing your envelopes with your company brand

Your customers should know who they are transacting with. Let us show you how to customize DocuSign to fit your brand.

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Using DocuSign templates

Find yourself using the same form over and over? Make things easier by turning it into a template! Here's how.

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