Just released! Download the 2016 Forrester Report and learn the 7 best practices for a seamless transition to paperless transactions.

In 2015, DocuSign commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study showing that digital transactions would radically change the way that business is done. And today, the results are being seen the world over.

Now, another commissioned study has been released – “Accelerate Your Digital Transformation: Seven Best Practices for Implementing Digital Transaction Management”. And in it, Forrester highlights the digital transformation journeys taken by experienced IT and business leaders, and shares seven best practices to help make you successful today.

Also, when you download the new study, you will receive the 2015 study – “Digital Transforms The Game Of Business: Digital Transaction Management Emerging As Key Solution” – as well.

"Digital transaction management really matters. New consumer technologies have transformed the ways in which customers discover, explore, buy, and engage with products and services, allowing them to transcend traditional boundaries. This market dynamic fundamentally changes how enterprises must act to remain competitive. And this means that companies must build an integrated digital ecosystem that connects people, processes, and technologies in order to optimize the customer experience." – Forrester Consulting.

Get the New Study

The HOW:

How to successfully implement digital transaction management.

Gain insight into the best practices of global enterprises, such as having strong executive support, restructuring processes prior to automating them, and embracing user-centered design.


The WHY:

Why digital transaction management can’t be put off anymore.

Discover how paper-based processes are fraught with issues, from human error to lack of security, while DTM eliminates costs, accelerates speed to results, and improves customer experiences.