RE/MAX & DocuSign: Broker Q&A

What has happened?
In early August 2016, RE/MAX, LLC entered into a Strategic Alliance with DocuSign that elevated the already successful Approved Supplier relationship that had been in place since 2011. Recently, enhanced integrations have been completed taking the alliance to the next level.

What are the new technical enhancements resulting from the Strategic Alliance?

  • Forget about entering the same data twice. RE/MAX Associates can now easily create a Transaction Room in just a few clicks. From inside LeadStreet, a Transaction Room can be created from either a listing or contact. Or if you're in your DocuSign account, simply choose a listing from your property data to have a Transaction Room created with data you've already entered into LeadStreet. There is no need to rekey information, which means fewer typos and more time for clients, open houses, and showings.
  • Throw away your password post-it note. Recent integrations mean you can use a single sign-on (your MAX/Center ID and password) to access multiple great resources.

What pricing benefits continue as a part of the Strategic Alliance?
DocuSign continues to provide a unique version of Transaction Rooms that will be free for RE/MAX Broker/Owners in the U.S. and Canada, with significant price reductions for embedded eSignatures and other key features. The amount of savings for current customers will depend on their existing individual arrangements, but prices within the new contract are up to 50 percent off standard rates. New customers will be getting in the door at a cost far lower than what they would have paid previously. Both customer groups — current and new — will receive a unique value from DocuSign available only to RE/MAX Affiliates.

Does availability extend to all RE/MAX brokerages?
Yes. The agreement covers the entire RE/MAX network — Company-Owned Regions, Independent Regions and Global Regions. Although some services, such as DocuSign Transaction Rooms, aren't yet available outside North America, international Broker/Owners will enjoy tremendous savings and benefits as a result of the agreement.

What makes DocuSign such a good fit?
DocuSign continues to provide the fastest and most secure digital environment for documents and approvals on any device, from anywhere. The result is a seamless, secure solution from offer to close.

DocuSign is the global leader in digital transaction management. It is an exclusive partner of the National Association of REALTORS®, a preferred partner of the Canadian Real Estate Association, and the system of choice for more than 230,000 agents. Over 200 million people across 188 countries use the DocuSign platform to sign and manage digital documents.

DocuSign's flagship products — Transaction Rooms and eSignatures — are simply unmatched in streamlining the real estate transaction process and creating a better experience for buyers and sellers. DocuSign offers many other advantages as well, such as:

  • The best mobile products for agents on the go.
  • The most trusted brand, guaranteeing that agents and brokers always own their own data.
  • The most secure global network and the most reliable service, ensuring that deals get done anytime, anywhere.
  • The best integrations with software used most by agents and brokers — third-party components, RE/MAX applications and mortgage/title company products. DocuSign's core functionality is now integrated directly into Amitree, API Nation, Boston Logic, BrokerSumo, iConnect by GryphTech, LeadStreet, LoneWolf Technologies, MoxiWorks, Open Listings™, Profit Power, Preclose, ShortTrack, Spacio, SnapNHD, RealSatisfied, and zipLogix™ – with new partners getting added to the platform monthly.

Does this agreement require all RE/MAX offices to use DocuSign?
No. RE/MAX remains an advocate for free choice, and all Broker/Owners are able to choose the system that best fits their needs.

Can RE/MAX Sales Associates contract with DocuSign on their own?
Yes — and many do — but the new agreement is designed to encourage Broker/Owners to consider and explore the DocuSign option as a brokerage service. The best starting point is a conversation with a DocuSign representative.

In offices at which the Broker/Owner has chosen a different transaction management route, Sales Associates can take advantage of the agreement benefits on their own. Sales Associates who are current customers should talk to their DocuSign rep to discuss their options.

What's the quick elevator-speech version of all this?
The world's most productive real estate network continues to enhance its Strategic Alliance with the world's most innovative real estate transaction management service provider. Brokers will benefit by saving time, money and improving compliance. Sales Associates will benefit from the ability to do business anywhere, on any device. Buyers and sellers will benefit from faster, smoother closings. Everybody wins. Talk to a DocuSign representative soon — whether you're already a customer or not — and learn how to take advantage.

Who do I contact to find out more about this program?
Broker/Owners who are current DocuSign customers should reach out to their DocuSign account manager to learn how to take advantage of the RE/MAX offer.
Broker/Owners who aren't yet customers should also contact DocuSign to learn more about the offerings. If they choose to take advantage, it will benefit them to have logistics worked out in advance of the full rollout.

Want More Details?

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